Future proof company mobility.

twn.bike offers one-stop-shop solution for companies & organisations who want to implement a bike leasing program for their employees.

Get around twn.

The best way possible.


25 km/u - 70 km range - removable battery


25 km/u - 70 km range - removable battery


25 km/u - 150 km range - internal battery


25 km/u - 80 km range - removable battery

Everyone benefits.

Employees as well as employers benefit in various ways from a bike leasing program.

the employee

  • Save money on car expenses
  • Get paid for every kilometer you drive
  • Mother earth loves you
  • Traffic jams are a thing of the past
  • Reduce stress and be productive again
  • Become healthier at your own pace

the employer

  • Cut on company car costs
  • Reward cycling employees tax-free
  • Lower your carbon footprint as a company
  • Employees arrive on time, all the time
  • Higher wellbeing = less absenteeism
  • Healthy employees = happy employees

How you go to twn.

Get from A to B, in three easy steps.

First of all, tell us more about you.

So you would like to kick-off a bike leasing program by twn for your company? Alright!

In order to get the wheels turning, we will need some more information about you and the company.

After this stage we will contact you and go over the details all together before we finalise the order

We do the rest!

We review you inquiry and contact you to finalise all the details.

At this point we answer all possible questions you might have and tailor you request to your specific needs.​

We've also built a summary of all the important details in our knowledge base below.

Enjoy your twn fleet!

This means that the paperwork and software implementation is done!

Your coworkers or employees can ride their new bike home on delivery day. We'll let them know when this will be.

Check out the warehouse and pick a the bike you want to use cycling to work! More bikes will be added over time.

Don't worry...

We've got your back.

24/7 Roadside assistance

In case you break down, call our hotline and the road side assistance team is on it's way. They'll get you up and running in no time!

Full insurance

twn.bike users and customers enjoy a full coverage insurance. Your car probably has a 'full omnium' insurance of some kind. Now you bike has it too.

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